[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips/Rtpengine Docker to Docker Swarm

Ahmed Shabana a.shabana at cequens.com
Sun Jul 31 13:03:40 UTC 2022

I believe that the opensips should act as your ingress interface .

So it should be single ton or service . i.e. one container per node installation .and it takes the host network 

And you can manage load distribution for other sip proxies using docker events to right down the dispatcher list 


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   1. Opensips/Rtpengine Docker to Docker Swarm
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Hi there,

I successfully use a containerized SBC with Opensips/Rtpengine on a single virtual machine with a docker engine.
I need to do it on a Docker Swarm context. I can't manage to set up this Opensips/RTP SBC in this SWARM context.

On a single VM with docker, the container has only one network interface. Network is easy to configure for container and server.

Docker SWARM brings an overlay network, instead of the host network, and each container has several networks interfaces.

It gets complicated, Opensips container is not reachable from a Sip Phone, like microsip.

Do you have a solution or a feedback to give me ?

Thanking you.

The Opensips and Rtpengine configurations are as follows:

opensips.cfg (version 3.2)

  *   alias=udp:CONTAINER_IP:5060
  *   alias=udp:VIRTUAL_MACHINE_IP:5060
  *   advertised_address=VIRTUAL_MACHINE_IP
  *   advertised_port=5060
  *   socket=udp:


  *   OPTIONS="$OPTIONS -i internal/${CONTAINER _IP} -i external/${CONTAINER _IP}"


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