[OpenSIPS-Users] Problem with HEP-monitoring of tls_wolfssl

Artiom Druz artiom.druz at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 08:20:07 UTC 2022

Hello Everyone.
I have a problem with monitoring SIPS/TLS based on tls_wolfssl module via
proto_hep (target monitoring service is Homer 7).
My opensips config works ok with SIP/UDP, but when I make a call via TLS
(OpenSIPS convert TLS from VoIP provider to internal SIP/UDP software PBX)
in dump file on Homer 7 side I see that all packets in HEP3 payload has
this info:

HEP3 Protocol
    HEP Version: HEP3
    HEP Packet Size (Bytes): 152
    IP family: IPv4
    Ingested Transport Protocol: IPv4
    Source port: 0
    Destination port: 0
    Unix Timestamp: 1658731857
    Timestamp ┬Ás: 106136
    Application Protocol: Unknown Application Protocol
    Capture Node ID: 1301
    Source IPv4 address:
    Destination IPv4 address:
    Encapsulated Payload: TLS:CLOSED:SUCCESS:Read error
    Correlation ID: 350784072629638188

Only unix timestamp and capture node id is correct.
As you can see in encapsulated payload I have an error with read. What can
be wrong?

OpenSIPS 3.2.5 (git revision 7e284ab03) compiled from source.
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