[OpenSIPS-Users] TLS verify client

L S efes99999 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 18:58:36 UTC 2022

We are upgrading from 1.11.5 tls to 3.2.9. In 1.11 we had issues with the
client certificate so we had to set the following:

# 1.11 parameters
tls_verify_server = 1
tls_verify_client = 0    tls_require_client_certificate = 0

TLS works fine for us with those settings. Now we are trying to migrate
them to 3.2.9 and having issues. Just wanted to confirm
if the following is correct way to migrate those parameters to 3.2? (Just
included those parameters - the domains are set up correctly)

Server domain
modparam("tls_mgm", "verify_cert", "[dom1]0")
modparam("tls_mgm", "require_cert", "[dom1]0")

Client domain
modparam("tls_mgm", "verify_cert", "[dom2]1")
modparam("tls_mgm", "require_cert", "[dom2]1")

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