[OpenSIPS-Users] Media server communication with OpenSIPS

Wadii ELMAJDI | Evenmedia wadii at evenmedia.fr
Tue Dec 27 14:53:53 UTC 2022


I am using Asterisk as a media server behind OpenSIPS.
I need to send some additional data to opensips during the call or at the latest during the hangup. For instance a custom hang up reason.
Asterisk does not allow neither to send a sequential request withing an ongoing dialog, nor add headers to a BYE method.
The current solution I'm using is pushing a dialog var (dlg_push_var) using Call-ID via (mi_http), but that means I rely on a curl http request during my call...
Is there any better option for a direct communication between the two boxes during a call ? without any intermediate server (Redis DB ...)

Thank you
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