[OpenSIPS-Users] REPLICATION / SQL_CACHER / Local CacheDB Collection

Wadii ELMAJDI | Evenmedia wadii at evenmedia.fr
Mon Dec 19 14:43:36 UTC 2022

Hello ,

I am trying to cache an entire MySQL table containing CLIDs/Clients Mapping.
My use case is to check pre every call , if the $fU used belongs to the client (via its ip source).
I am using SQL CACHER (ondemand = 0) mode module, my opensips box is clustered.
the cached_url for SQL_CACHER is a local collection (cachedb_url=local:///clid)
I am getting an error that I cannot use an opensips replicatedcache db :

Dec 19 15:31:18 primary /usr/sbin/opensips[41751]: ERROR:sql_cacher:db_init_test_conn: Cannot use an OpenSIPS replicated cached
Dec 19 15:31:18 primary /usr/sbin/opensips[41751]: ERROR:sql_cacher:mod_init: Failed to validate db conns for cache entry
Dec 19 15:31:18 primary /usr/sbin/opensips[41751]: ERROR:core:init_mod: failed to initialize module sql_cacher
Dec 19 15:31:18 primary /usr/sbin/opensips[41751]: ERROR:core:main: error while initializing modules

I can use cachedb_local module elsewhere, all cached data is replicated via the cluster with no problem. I don’t see why it causes such problem only when using SQLCACHER.

Is there anyway to exclude one specific collection from the replication mode ?  is there any better approach for my use case ?

I know I can use REDIS or MongoDB for such use case, but I’m trying to lower the numbers of servers to monitor 😊

Thank you

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