[OpenSIPS-Users] mid_registrar

Andy Dierlam adierlam at ptgi-ics.com
Wed Dec 7 18:07:57 UTC 2022

Try adding xlog entries after your lookups, to verify its hitting where you think it is.
separate to two blocks, and add xlog to see if is hitting them both.

if (!mid_registrar_lookup("location")) {
     xlog("did not find phone 1st lookup");

if (!mid_registrar_lookup("location")) {
          xlog("2nd lookup did not find phone, sending 404");
           t_reply(404, "Not Found");

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Hi Guys

How can i make it that if an invite comes in and the location is not found that it will then try look again for the location before sending 404?

i have tried

if (!mid_registrar_lookup("location")) {
     sleep (5);
    if (!mid_registrar_lookup("location")) {
           t_reply(404, "Not Found");

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