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Alexey Kazantsev kurgan-rus at inbox.ru
Fri Aug 26 11:13:30 UTC 2022

Hi Johan ,
your SQL insert will look like this:
INSERT INTO registrant (registrar, aor, username, password, binding_URI, expiry) VALUES (‘sip:’, ’sip:79993332211 at voip-isp.com’, ’79993332211’, ’PaSsWoRd’, ‘sip:79993332211 at’, 300);
- is VoIP ISP IP address,
- voip-isp.com is a domain you should use for authentication (depends on ISP settings, may be sip:79993332211 at,
- 79993332211 is your username (usually equals to phone number, but also depends on ISP settings),
- sip:79993332211 at - this will form a Contact: header and must contain IP address of your OpenSIPS (obviously you can insert here some other IP address, and the calls from ISP proxy will go there, but in most cases it’s common to write here the IP address of your OpenSIPS),
300 is an registration expiration value in seconds, you ISP may require some other value.
BR, Alexey
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