[OpenSIPS-Users] Modify the headers after executing a MI function in B2B_LOGIC module

Li Cai Li.Cai at comtech.com
Wed Aug 24 13:34:27 UTC 2022

Hi Bogdan,

Yes, we have put the changes by calling remove_hf() and append_hf() in the 'local_route', those functions for new incoming INVITE but not the INVITE sent out by 'b2b_bridge'.


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Hi Li,

Have you tried to use the local_route in order to do custom changes on the outgoing requests generated by the B2B bridging ?

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On 8/23/22 10:34 PM, Li Cai wrote:

I'm working on a change for a B2BUA based on OpenSIPs 2.4, but not sure if the function is supported or if it has been supported in the later versions.

We have used the MI command b2b_bridge to bridge existing calls from one entity to another and it works, the scenario is the same as expected. While besides this, we also need to modify one of the headers of the INVITEs sending to the new destination in this scenario,  our scripts in the opensips.cfg can't take any effect.

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