[OpenSIPS-Users] Need some clarification in opensips cachedb_mongo db configutaion .

Sasmita Panda spanda at 3clogic.com
Mon Aug 22 05:44:24 UTC 2022

Hi All  ,

I am using opensips 3.2 for fullsharing_cachedb clustering . Here I am
using mongo DB as the cache db .

I have 2 mongodb clusters , One  is primary (read/write) and second is
secondary (read replicas )cluster .

modparam("usrloc", "cachedb_url","mongodb://
docdb:cccl0g1c at primay-cluster.i3clogic.com:27017,

When I am configuring 2 connectionstrings here , that means
1. Opensips will always honor the 1st one as primary and 2nd one as
secondary ?

2. If the 1st one will get down and 2nd one becomes primary , what will
happen to opensips ? Will that keep the 2nd one as primary automatically or
I have to switch the domain in the config ?

3. How does opensips decide which one is primary and which is secondary ?

Please help me out . I am stuck in the middle of something here .

*Thanks & Regards*
*Sasmita Panda*
*Senior Network Testing and Software Engineer*
*3CLogic , ph:07827611765*
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