[OpenSIPS-Users] b2bua top hiding behind NAT

Alex ayakimkin at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 15:12:18 UTC 2022


My opensips is behind NAT in cloud
internet - ( - port_5060__10.130.0.23(opensips)__port_5070
- main_registrar_sip_server

So I made 2 sockets
socket=udp:   # for LAN
socket=udp: as #for Internet

I try to make call from lan to Tel provider with using b2bua.

Is any way to setup b2bua with more than one socket?

loadmodule "b2b_entities.so"
loadmodule "b2b_logic.so"
modparam("b2b_logic", "custom_headers", "P-Asserted-Identity")
#modparam("b2b_logic", "contact_user", 1)
modparam("b2b_logic", "server_address", "sip:1234567 at")

b2b_server_new("server1",$avp(b2b_hdrs), $avp(b2b_hdr_bodies));
force_send_socket("udp:10.130.23:5060");         b2b_client_new("Unistar","
sip:09876543322 at provider.com","sip:provider","test","sip:1234567 at");
b2b_init_request("top hiding");

I use this construction in route[relay]. And I`ve tried to insert in before
b2b_server_new. But  it didn`t help
if ($socket_in == "udp:") {
                $socket_out = "udp:";
        } else {
                $socket_out = "udp:";

1) with force_send_socket I made to send requests from :5070 to :5060 . But
my provider`s Udpates and re-Invites go to my LAN directly from socket
:5060 . They don`t go  through :5070
2) I can`t change contact in request to provider. Default contact looks
like this Contact: <sip: >. I whant to change to "sip:1234567 at

С уважением,
Якимкин Алексей
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