[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS : no 407 retransmission

Ben Newlin Ben.Newlin at genesys.com
Sat Apr 30 00:59:44 UTC 2022


The default behavior of OpenSIPS is to relay any received responses back upstream. If it is not doing that it would have to be because you are stopping it in the script. Take a look at the documentation for failure_route [1] which explains this. Check your own failure_route in your script; you must be doing something there that is telling OpenSIPS not to relay the 401/407 back upstream.

[1] https://www.opensips.org/Documentation/Script-Routes-2-4#toc3

Ben Newlin

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Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS : no 407 retransmission
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I'm using OpenSIPS as a proxy in front of another proxy. The 2nd proxy
is in charge of authenticating the request.

This is the callflow:

Alice           OpenSIPS          Proxy#2
   | INVITE         |                |
   |--------------->| INVITE         |
   |      100 Tring |--------------->|
   |<---------------|            407 |
   |                |<---------------|
   |                | ACK            |
   |                |--------------->|
   |            407 |                |
   |     X<---------|                |
   |                |                |

Since OpenSIPS does not retransmit 401/407, the call setup gets stuck.

What can I do ?
If I set auto_100trying=1, that works, but this increases the number of
INVITE retransmissions since 180Ringing are not received instantly.

Do you have any suggestion ?


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