[OpenSIPS-Users] TLS issue

L S efes99999 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 16:50:08 UTC 2022

We have been using Opensips 1.11 tls successfully for a while. In our
setup, Opensips is used as a dispatcher to a couple of Asterisk servers.
Some of the sip clients (mostly Cisco SPA phones) communicate with Opensips
server over TLS, some don't.

Once in a while internet goes down and the sip clients go offline as a
result. When the connection is restored, the phones that are not on TLS
recover whereas the ones on TLS stay offline (not registering). We see the
traffic between the those phones with the Opensips server, but that traffic
doesnt look ok (encrypted so hard to tell).

In order to get those phones online again, we need to reboot them.

Same issue happens when the sip clients move from one internet circuit to
the other (from primary connection to secondary). Phones on TLS go offline
and do not recover unless rebooted.

I know our version is older, but I think the issue is with our setup and
not related to a bug on Opensips.

I appreciate some direction to resolve this issue.

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