[OpenSIPS-Users] Mid-registrar with AOR throttling - clearing registration

Mark Allen mark at allenclan.co.uk
Tue Sep 28 08:40:40 EST 2021

We have a mid-registrar (OpenSIPS 3.1) in front of an Asterisk node.
Mid-registrar saves with the 'memory only' flag. We are using AOR throttling

We've had a few occasions where something has gone wrong with the
registration on Asterisk so that Asterisk thinks an extension is no longer
registered, but OpenSIPS thinks it still is. We've resolved these
occurrences but they have raised a question for the future. In a
situation where mid-registrar is holding onto a registration but Asterisk
thinks the registration no longer exists, is there a way to tell the
mid-registrar to expire the registration, either forcing a re-register on
Asterisk, or at least so that the next re-register from a client is
forwarded on to Asterisk? Obviously, we have the option of restarting
OpenSIPS, but that would affect all registered clients rather than a single
problematic one.
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