[OpenSIPS-Users] BYE from UAC bypasses OpenSIPS

Daniel Zanutti daniel.zanutti at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 14:38:48 EST 2021


I highly recommend using the topology hiding module instead of inserting
routes and forwarding the SIP message. Several IP devices have problems
when you have a lot of routes. Even the SIP message size can be a problem
if your call flows through several proxies.

When you use topology hiding, your origin/destination will never know
what's on the other side, so current problem can never occur anymore.


On Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 10:12 AM John Burke via Users <
users at lists.opensips.org> wrote:

> Hey Alexey,
> From your screenshots, it's not only the BYE but also the ACK that
> bypasses your proxy (both of which being sequential requests).  To get your
> proxy in the path of sequential reqs, you need to either (1) call
> record_route, or (2) use topology hiding module.  The UAC otherwise doesn't
> know about your proxy, as the 200 won't contain any Record-Route headers to
> build the route set for sequential reqs nor will the 200 contain a URI
> referencing your proxy in the Contact header.
> Thanks,
> John Burke
> On 9/1/21 6:48 AM, Alexey Kazantsev via Users wrote:
> Hi list,
> feeling shamefully but still can not fix the problem, trying different
> configurations.
> I’m setting drouting (INVITEs are routed well).
> But BYEs from UAC go directly to dr_gateway, not through OpenSIPS.
> I understand that this all is about in-dialog request, having to_tag,
> loose_route.
> I compared my config with config files of previously configured servers
> (not for drouting)
> which work well (I tested BYE routing).
> But still can not fix this issue.
> Here’re 2 screenshots of the same call, captured on UAC:
> [1] demonstrating INVITE from UAC,
> [2] demonstrating BYE from UAC (which goes directly, bypassing OpenSIPS,
> and I need to fix this behaviour).
> [1] https://ibb.co/NNNvHhM
> [2] https://ibb.co/bKd4c0r
> What should I pay attention to, to route BYE requests from UAC via
> OpenSIPS?
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> BR, Alexey
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