[OpenSIPS-Users] coding style / {param.exists, name} and {param.value, name}

Kingsley Tart kingsley at dns99.co.uk
Fri May 21 10:44:28 EST 2021


Is one of these methods specifically preferred over another? The first
seems more explicit, but seems to me that OpenSIPS would have to parse
the param list twice - once to check whether the param exists and then
again to get the value. Is the second method acceptable?

Method 1:

if ($(var(pstring){param.exists,customparam})) {
    $var(pval) = $(var(pstring){param.value,customparam});
    # do other stuff

Method 2:

$var(pval) = $(var(pstring){param.value,customparam});
if ($var(pval) != NULL {
    # do other stuff

There is a functional difference between them that in method 1, if the
param doesn't exist then $var(pval) doesn't get set (it might already
exist with a different value), but if this didn't matter in the context
of the code, is one way preferred over the other?


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