[OpenSIPS-Users] TLS to UDP, record route

Miha miha at softnet.si
Tue May 18 10:56:26 EST 2021

hello John

i have found what was causing the issue. is was topology hiding when ACK 
was received by opensips.

thank you for all your help and time :)


John Quick je 5/18/2021 ob 11:15 AM napisal:
> Miha
> Altering the text in the Record-Route headers with subst() function is not
> the correct approach.
> I believe the problem is that you are not inserting the correct RR headers
> in the first place.
> If you get the RR headers right then it will also fix the problem with ACK
> using the wrong protocol.
> This pseudo-code snippet illustrates what is required when adding RR headers
> to the initial INVITE request:
> if (INVITE-from-Teams-Proxy-to-us) {
>      record_route_preset("IP:port", "SBC_FQDN:5061;transport=tls");
>      add_rr_param(";r2=on");
> } else if (INVITE-from-us-to-Teams-Proxy) {
>      record_route_preset( "SBC_FQDN:5061;transport=tls", "IP:port");
>      add_rr_param(";r2=on");
> } else
>      record_route();
> Don't insert any RR headers when handling loose-routed requests.
> I tried to explain all this stuff in a number of articles. Here are the
> links:
> https://kb.smartvox.co.uk/opensips/opensips-as-ms-teams-sbc/
> https://kb.smartvox.co.uk/opensips/nat-contact-and-via-fixing-in-sip-part-4/
> https://kb.smartvox.co.uk/opensips/contact-and-record-route-headers-explaine
> d/
> John Quick
> Smartvox Limited

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