[OpenSIPS-Users] opposite of {s.int} ?

Kingsley Tart kingsley at dns99.co.uk
Thu May 13 20:21:28 EST 2021


Is there a transformation or something else that can convert an integer
to a string? ie do the opposite of {s.int} ?

I wanted to maintain a leg sequence number (with multi-leg accounting)
with a dialog variable, but dialog variables can only contain strings.

So I did

  $dlg_val(dstSeq) = "1";

at the start. But in the failure route for next endpoint, I wanted to
do this:

  $var(tmp) = $(dlg_val(dstSeq){s.int}) + 1;
  $dlg_val(dstSeq) = $var(tmp);

but it doesn't like assigning an integer, so I tried

  $dlg_val(dstSeq) = "$var(tmp)";

but that then assigned that literal string to the dialog variable. So
then I tried

  $dlg_val(dstSeq) = $var(tmp) + "";

but that complained about type mismatching, so in the end O had to do

  $avp(tmp) = $var(tmp);
  $dlg_val(dstSeq) = $avp(tmp);
  $avp(tmp) = NULL;

which feels messy.

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