[OpenSIPS-Users] opensips-cli issue with DB creation

Miha miha at softnet.si
Mon May 3 08:50:21 EST 2021


I have config for opensips-cli like this in /etc/opensips-cli.cfg

database_modules: ALL

log_level: WARNING
prompt_name: opensips-cli
prompt_intro: Welcome to OpenSIPS at SECUREVOIP
prompt_emptyline_repeat_cmd: False
history_file: ~/.opensips-cli.history
history_file_size: 1000
output_type: pretty-print
communication_type: fifo
fifo_file: /tmp/opensips_fifo
database_path: /tmp/opensips-3.1/scripts
database_name: opensips
database_admin_url: mysql://root:xxxx@localhost:3306/opensips
database_url: mysql://opensips:opensipsrw@localhost:3306/opensips

When i run in opensips-cli shell "database create" i get:

ERROR: failed to connect to DB as opensips, please provide or fix the 

I can see data DB opensips was created and also opensips user was created.

thank you
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