[OpenSIPS-Users] Doubt when receiving a CANCEL request in b2b mode

David Escartin descartin at sonoc.io
Sat Mar 20 05:30:41 EST 2021

Dear all

We are testing the module b2b in the devel version and when we receive a
CANCEL request from A-side, we see that the 487 request terminated error is
not sent from Opensips to client, and it relies on the 487 reception from
If not received this causes a 408 to client after sometime. Would it be
possible to generate a 487 from opensips to the client to terminate the
cancelled transaction?
We have tested this on top hiding default scenario, and
using another custom scenario, but still the same result.
      b2b_send_reply(487, "Request Terminated");
Would it work? This would continue processing the CANCEL request to
the B-side normally?

thanks a lot and regards
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