[OpenSIPS-Users] play media file.

johan johan at democon.be
Fri Mar 19 15:49:35 EST 2021


I want to play a wav file to caller when receiving 486 from callee.

What is the best way to do it ?

This is what  I do in the script:

    xlog("failure route ft [$ft] tt [$tt]");
    if (t_check_status("4[0-9][0-9]")) {

where as route[playwavfile]

    xlog("playwavfile string [file=$param(1) from-tag=$param(2)]");
    rtpengine_play_media("file=$param(1) from-tag=$param(2)");

what I am worried about is the sleep() if I remove this, you hear nada
as 486 is immediately send to the caller and the call ends.

What is the best way to "hold back" a final reply for a few seconds ?


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