[OpenSIPS-Users] Handling mobile switch from wifi to data

Mark Allen mark at allenclan.co.uk
Wed Mar 17 14:51:55 EST 2021

> Anything specific concerning/confusing you at this stage?

Hi Callum. Yes, there are a few things...

1 - Conceptually, I'm not quite clear on how the initial PN link works. My
understanding from the blog and video is that OpenSIPS receives an initial
register that causes it to send a request to the PN Provider, and somehow
the PN Provider then knows about the mobile and can communicate with it
directly? Is that correct? How is this coded on a REGISTER - or am I
missing something here?

2 - From the video, I'm unclear whether this works with off-the-shelf UAC
apps on mobiles such as Zoiper, PortSIP, etc or whether we'd have to write
our own UA client. There was also a discussion at the end about whether
this would actually work with Apple devices which I didn't feel was
actually answered.

3 - From the blog, where it gets to the coding I don't understand what it
means where it says...

    route [PN_SEND]
        # send a PN using, for example, exec or rest_client

...an example would help here I think.
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