[OpenSIPS-Users] database migrate 3.1_to_3.2

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Mon Jul 26 11:29:23 EST 2021

On 26.07.2021 14:25, Mark Farmer wrote:
> I have opensips 3.2 and opensips-cli nightly from the apt repo on 
> Ubuntu 20.04
> When I try to run opensips-cli -x database migrate 3.1_to_3.2 opensips 
> opensips-32 I get this:
> ERROR: unsupported migration flavour: 3.1_to_3.2

Hi Mark,

An easy way to test if your system really picked up the latest 
opensips-cli binaries is by using the auto-complete feature!

$ opensips-cli
(opensips-cli): database migrate <hit tab-tab-tab>
2.4_to_3.0   3.0_to_3.1   3.1_to_3.2

In my case, I get three possible migration flavours.  Does the output 
look the same in your case?  If not, you may be dealing with an old CLI 
installed from source (perhaps with "python3 setup.py install clean"), 
which is now overriding your package install.


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