[OpenSIPS-Users] add_path_received and TLS - received address problem

Mark Allen mark at allenclan.co.uk
Tue Jul 20 09:49:07 EST 2021

I'm seeing a strange problem when using add_path_received() for
registration of NATed UAC using TLS with OpenSIPS 3.1

On registration add_path_received() works but the received address is not
formatted correctly. I am seeing '%%3b' instead of a semicolon, and '%%3d'
instead of an equals sign.


    Path: <sip:101 at 192.168. <sip%3A350203 at>
    Path: <sip:101 at 192.168.x.x

When the same UAC registers using UDP instead of TLS it works fine


    Path: <sip:101 at 192.168.x.x;transport=tcp;r2=on;lr>
    Path: <sip:101 at 192.168.x.x;r2=on;lr;received=sip:31.x.x.x:61731>

What am I doing wrong???
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