[OpenSIPS-Users] Question regarding Federated User Location Cluster

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Tue Jan 26 05:03:05 EST 2021

On 22.01.2021 04:57, Jeffrey Zhao wrote:
> For example, for formal production system senario, two sites, with two 
> opensips nodes for each site, HA mode for each site.
> 1. Should I deploy MySQL and Cassandra on each node? 4 MySQL instances 
> and 4 Cassandra on each node?
> 2. Should I setup db replication among 4 MySQL instances or just 
> standalone separated setup?
> 3. Should I put all 4  Cassandra instances into one cluster?
> 4. For each HA virtual IP setup, what's the recommended tool, keepalived?

Hi, Jeffrey!

Those are some excellent questions!  Let's drill down into each of them, 
as I will also add them into an "FAQ" section towards the end of the 

1. For MySQL: yes, because the main goal is to have each instance able 
to run on its own.  For Cassandra, you can build the shared cluster 
using any configuration you prefer.  Single node, 3 nodes, 5... the only 
requirement is for all locations to be able to connect to it.

2. No MySQL replication!  The MySQL is simply used for restart 
persistence purposes.

3. Yes, you must.  There is no purpose for a stand-alone Cassandra in 
this architecture.

4. Personally, I have nothing but good things to say for both 
"keepalived" and its older brother from another mother, "vrrpd".


Liviu Chircu
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