[OpenSIPS-Users] v3.1 Active/Active maintain active calls on node failure

Kevin Wormington kworm at missouri-telecom.com
Mon Jan 18 19:29:11 EST 2021


I've been attempting to get a two node active/active setup to work with the v3.1 clusterer module sharing usrloc and dialog.  The setup is fronted by a proxy that handles all of the NAT/media so either OpenSIPS instance can communicate directly with the user.  

What I have working so far:

Registrations and calls work when sent to either node and if you stop OpenSIPS on a node new calls work fine using the other node.

What I can’t get to work:

Calls that are already in progress to switch between nodes when one node fails.

I have messed around with various sharing tags…no tag, same tag, different tags but haven’t had any luck.   I’m guessing that I’m missing something to trigger the remaining node to send re-invites.  Has anyone attempted this type of setup and have any ideas?



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