[OpenSIPS-Users] Digest Auth with LDAP/RADIUS

bobsy masked at vale.ski
Wed Jan 6 16:56:15 EST 2021

Hello everyone,

I’m attempting to use digest auth on Freeradius with LDAP and plaintext userPassword’s.

When the radius server goes to auth the digest hashes don’t match up.

  authenticate {
(17) digest: A1 = bobsy:opensips.vale.ski:password
(17) digest: A2 = REGISTER:sip:opensips.vale.ski
H(A1) = 0342aafbaea975d9fde3c46f3f093993
H(A2) = b0605d01a41aac18c7f1a84c8ca1c4f5
(17) digest: KD = 0342aafbaea975d9fde3c46f3f093993:5ff5eaca000015917970591b0edf7c7c6bbd13698c0dd5e6:b0605d01a41aac18c7f1a84c8ca1c4f5
EXPECTED a8d6639edfd61ac7b1bb247f7832b8e5
RECEIVED a817470a4e1612532d167bed0354a88b
(17) digest: FAILED authentication
(17)     [digest] = reject
(17)   } # authenticate = reject
(17) Failed to authenticate the user

I have calculate_ha1 set to 1.

Any insight would be great.

And after this is resolved maybe someone can help me find out why the Kerberos module looks for “User-Password”.  I believe it should be looking for “Cleartext-Password” and that’s why Kerberos won’t work for me.


Michael Vale.

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