[OpenSIPS-Users] www_challenge qop type failed with AAA

Michael Vale masked at vale.ski
Tue Jan 5 17:50:19 EST 2021


I’m attempting to do auth with AAA,

I was met with an error of no Cisco vendor and no SIP-URI-Host Attribute which I added to the dictionaries.

Now www_challenge thinks either “0” or “1” is an invalid qop type.										

										 ERROR:auth:fixup_qop: Bad qop type
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy /usr/sbin/opensips[29711]: ERROR:core:fix_cmd: Fixup failed for param [2]
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy /usr/sbin/opensips[29711]: ERROR:core:fix_actions: Failed to fix command <www_challenge>
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy /usr/sbin/opensips[29711]: ERROR:core:fix_actions: fixing failed (code=-1) at /etc/opensips/opensips.cfg:216
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy /usr/sbin/opensips[29711]: ERROR:core:main: failed to fix configuration with err code -1
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy /usr/sbin/opensips[29711]: INFO:core:cleanup: cleanup
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy /usr/sbin/opensips[29711]: NOTICE:core:main: Exiting....
Jan 06 04:42:14 unispy opensips[29709]: INFO:core:daemonize: pre-daemon proce

     if (!aaa_www_authorize("")) {
            www_challenge("", "1");

Could someone please shed some light on the subject?

Also it would be nice if there was another approach to handling the SIP-URI-Host and Cisco issue or at least some confirmation that my approach was the best way to deal with it.



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