[OpenSIPS-Users] [BLOG] Monitor OpenSIPS using Prometheus and Grafana

Răzvan Crainea razvan at opensips.org
Thu Feb 25 10:40:14 EST 2021

Hi, everyone!

Check out our latest blog post[1] to find out how you can monitor your 
OpenSIPS instances with Prometheus[2] using the new Prometheus[3] module 
in OpenSIPS! As a bonus, you can also check how you can display these 
statistics in Grafana[4].
Any feedback regarding the new module is welcome, and if you get a 
chance to try it, make sure you share your experience with us!

[2] http://prometheus.io/
[3] https://opensips.org/docs/modules/3.2.x/prometheus.html
[4] https://grafana.com/

Happy hacking!
Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Core Developer

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