[OpenSIPS-Users] acc db cdr in 3.1

Marcin Groszek marcin at voipplus.net
Sat Feb 20 00:23:07 EST 2021

After converting cfg  from 2.2 to 3.1 acc is not working as expected.

if (has_totag()) {

if (loose_route()) {

if (is_method("BYE")) {
#this is not getting logged at all

route[DROUTING] {



local_route {

if (is_method("BYE") && $DLG_dir=="UPSTREAM") {

# this is getting logged properly to db acc table

when the call ends by a timeout and invokes local_route the cdr is being 
written to db, however when end user upstream or downstream ends the 
call I see dialog being removed form sql but cdr is not being written to 
db. No attempt no sql error, As a test I removed cdr option from 
do_accounting and INVITE is written to db but not BYE. After increasing 
log_level to 5 the only thing associated with acc is:
DBG:acc:acc_cdr_cb: dlg is null!

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