[OpenSIPS-Users] Push Notification without registration timers

Callum Guy callum.guy at x-on.co.uk
Mon Feb 15 15:42:31 EST 2021

Hi All,

Running 3.1 release.

I'm trying to implement a proxy which *only* supports PN-enabled
devices however I'm running into some implementation issues for my use

My project is targeting a very low usage subscriber base (users may be
idle for months) so I'd like to disable the timer based registration
refresh and simply collect the PNID at time of registration for later
use. I don't want to lose devices (which may be turned off) through
contact purging when they don't respond to PN refresh requests. Is
this possible? If not I'm happy to manually implement an external
system for tracking PNID to subscriber relationships if that is
necessary/simpler. Crucially I want to preserve a list of all the
PNID's associated with a subscriber (i.e. a user with multiple
devices) for a long time.

The main problem I am running into is transaction parking without
using the default module implementation. If the location table does
not contain contact information for these devices I can't use the
default park/resume features provided by the registrar module even
though I can load PRID's from another source. At the point of dial I
want to park the INVITE and dispatch all the notifications however I
get the impression that these features are under the hood. Is this
possible at the script level without the magic behind the registrar
lookup() method or pn_process_purr()?

Furthermore this project runs on a private network so I'm not sure its
strictly necessary to generate and track PURR values for active
sessions, is there any reason I can't just store the PRID against the
dialog and use that to generate PN mid-dialog? Every call passing
through this proxy will be for PN-enabled devices so this seems like a
reasonable implementation even if it doesn't conform to RFC 8599?




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