[OpenSIPS-Users] where to catch CANCELs in script for branches canceled by tm module

Jeff Pyle jeff at ugnd.org
Fri Feb 5 18:01:21 EST 2021


This is on OpenSIPS 3.1.1 (abe7ab7c7).  I use t_relay() after lookup() to
relay INVITEs to all registered contacts for an AOR.  I use
rtpengine_offer() per-branch, and I keep track of the branches with
rtpengine's extra_id_pv modparam and via-branches=extra.  To do this right
I should use rtpengine_delete() on the losing/canceled branches.  I can't
find where tm's CANCELs hits the script.  I expected them in local_route
but I don't see them there.  I don't see the corresponding 487s in the
failure_route, either.  What am I missing?

- Jeff
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