[OpenSIPS-Users] send message via opensips-cli

jacky z zjack0992 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 09:49:28 EST 2021

Hi Team,

We are trying to send messages with opensips-cli, but can't find too much
info on how to make it work. Here is what we tried but it did not work.

opensips-cli -x mi t_uac_dlg method=MESSAGE ruri="
sip:alice at sip.domain.com:5061" headers="From:
sip:bob at sip.domain.com:5061\r\nTo:
sip:alice at sip.domain.com:5061\r\nContact:
sip:bob at sip.domain.com:5061\r\nContent-Type:
text/plain\r\n" body="123456\r\n"

We are using OPENSIPS 3.1 and here is the error we get,

ERROR: command 't_uac_dlg' returned: 500: Server error occurred (1/MI/UAC)

Anything wrong with the above command line? Thanks!

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