[OpenSIPS-Users] Modify SRS reply for SIPREC

KD kdunlap at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 00:26:48 EST 2021

I just wanted to circle back on this incase someone else comes across it.

I was able to accomplish what I needed as long as this was done in the b2b
reply route.

loadmodule "b2b_entities.so"
modparam("b2b_entities", "script_reply_route","b2b_reply")

route[b2b_reply] {
                $var(mline1) = $(rb{sdp.line,m,0});
                $var(mline2) = $(rb{sdp.line,m,1});
                $var(found1) =
                $var(found2) =
                xlog("M 1: $var(found1) - $var(mline1) - $rb\n");
                xlog("M 2: $var(found2) - $var(mline2) - $rb\n");

Obviously there are some other checks and balances to do to ensure it's the
proper request, but for my proof of concept this works.

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