[OpenSIPS-Users] How to handle concurrent answering calls?

Fulo Lin file2122 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 07:22:17 EST 2021

When the user has two devices answering the phone at the same time, I
expect the first device to answer the call and the second device to be

The current opensips will indeed cancel the second call, but the first call
will have no sound, and the call will be disconnected after a few seconds.

I found that opensips sends all 200 Ok (SDP) to the caller, and I expect
that the second 200 Ok (SDP) should not be sent to the caller.

I try to block the second 200 Ok(SDP) in onreply_route, like this.

onreply_route[handle_nat] {
         if (t_check_status("200")) {
                 # t_cancel_branch(); No effect
                 # drop(); No effect

But this seems to have no effect.

Is there a way to block the second 200 Ok (SDP) in onreply_route?

Or is there any other way to handle concurrent answering calls?

I use opensips 3.1.5 and rtpproxy 2.2.0.
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