[OpenSIPS-Users] 3.2.0 TLS MGM module does not load 3.1.0 domain configuration

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Thu Aug 12 19:47:21 EST 2021

On 12.08.2021 22:17, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> I set it up explicitly now but I get the same result, I tried different domains or combination but any definition fails to load.

Hi gents,

IIRC (Vlad: please correct me if I'm wrong), this initial version of the 
tls_wolfssl module does not have full feature parity with tls_openssl, 
as it is currently only equipped to provide TLS communication for 
modules such as proto_tls and proto_wss.

So when it comes to configuring domains via tls_mgm on top of 
tls_wolfssl, the module MAY lack the required API function 
implementations, hence the errors you are getting.

PS: there seem to be some hints about the above in the module docs [1] 
as well.

[1]: https://opensips.org/docs/modules/3.2.x/tls_wolfssl.html#overview


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