[OpenSIPS-Users] strange behavior with TCP reply port

Jeff Pyle jeff at ugnd.org
Wed Aug 11 19:01:05 EST 2021


This is on the 3.1.3~20210731~b333a222f-1 from the Debian 3.1-nightly repo.

Typically I run with

  modparam("tm", "auto_100trying", 0)

so I can manually send a 100 with

  sl_send_reply(100, "Trying");

earlier in the script, before blocking processes like DB lookups and such.
No problem...until today.  On a TCP (TLS) connection, the sl_send_reply()
function opens a new TCP socket to the UAC on the IP:port listed in the
original message's Contact, rather than sending the 100 on the existing
socket (using the ephemeral port) the UAC used for its TCP socket to us.
Future downstream replies are relayed back upstream to the ephemeral port.
In other words, only the 100 Trying message from sl_send_reply() is opening
a new socket back upstream.

The auto_100trying option from tm, however, sends its 100 messages to the
ephemeral port of the UAC.

How can I get the sl_send_reply() function to reply on the existing TCP

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