[OpenSIPS-Users] Switch Statement Trouble

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Tue Sep 3 09:35:38 EDT 2019

Hi Mark,

Be _very_ careful when manipulating the "$retcode" variable, as it might 
get overwritten more often
than you think.  I've seen "if" statements which override it to 1 
(success), so maybe the "case" is
behaving similarly.

I suggest you first back it up, as such:

$var(rc) = www_authorize("", "subscriber");
switch ($var(rc)) {

Best regards,

Liviu Chircu
OpenSIPS Developer

On 03.09.2019 16:24, Mark Farmer wrote:
> From my logs:
> CUSTOM_LOG: Failed Authentication Attempt (Return Code: 1) for 
> sip:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX To: sip:5003 at XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - Checking for 
> Dictionary attack

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