[OpenSIPS-Users] Need some reference to run opensips-cli commands .

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 03:54:06 EDT 2019


execute opensips-cli witouth arguments, then, from inside opensips-cli
shell, type "mi"and enter

You will see available command,

then for each of them, you can see possible arguments

(opensips-cli): mi
ERROR: module 'mi' expects the following commands: get_statistics,
list_statistics, reset_statistics, uptime, version, pwd, arg, which, ps,
kill, log_level, xlog_level, shm_check, cache_store, cache_fetch,
cache_remove, event_subscribe, events_list, subscribers_list,
list_tcp_conns, mem_pkg_dump, mem_shm_dump, mem_rpm_dump, reload_routes,
help, list_blacklists, t_uac_dlg, t_uac_cancel, t_hash, t_reply,
clusterer_reload, clusterer_set_status, clusterer_list,
clusterer_list_topology, cluster_send_mi, cluster_broadcast_mi,
clusterer_list_cap, clusterer_list_shtags, clusterer_shtag_set_active,
ds_set_state, ds_list, ds_reload, domain_reload, domain_dump, dlg_list,
dlg_list_ctx, dlg_end_dlg, dlg_db_sync, dlg_restore_db, dlg_cluster_sync,
profile_get_size, profile_list_dlgs, profile_get_values, list_all_profiles,
profile_end_dlgs, dlg_push_var, dlg_send_sequential, rtpengine_enable,
rtpengine_show, rtpengine_reload, teardown, trace, trace_start, trace_stop

On Tue, Sep 3, 2019 at 7:17 AM Sasmita Panda <spanda at 3clogic.com> wrote:

> Hi All ,
> Some commands giving proper output but some are giving error . I am not
> getting any document where its mention how to run these commands .
> opensips-cli -x mi "get_statistics"
> *SQLAlchemy version:  1.3.3ERROR: command 'get_statistics' returned:
> -32602: Invalid params*
> opensips-cli -x mi "list_statistics"
> *SQLAlchemy version:  1.3.3ERROR: command 'list_statistics' returned:
> -32000: Server error*
>  opensips-cli -x mi "mem_pkg_dump"
> *SQLAlchemy version:  1.3.3ERROR: command 'mem_pkg_dump' returned: -32602:
> Invalid params*
> How I will run these commands ? I need to check the package memory and
> shared memory getting used while stress testing . Please do help me .
> *Thanks & Regards*
> *Sasmita Panda*
> *Senior Network Testing and Software Engineer*
> *3CLogic , ph:07827611765*
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