[OpenSIPS-Users] End of Life for opensipsctl and opensipsdbctl in OpenSIPS 3.0

Liviu Chircu liviu at opensips.org
Mon May 20 08:34:45 EDT 2019

Hello, all!

In light of the recent shift to the new command-line tool for managing 
OpenSIPS instances,
opensips-cli[1], we intend to further make it clear that opensipsctl _is 
no longer compatible_
with the MI FIFO protocol syntax of a 3.0+ OpenSIPS -- and the best way 
to signify this,
in our opinion, is by stripping the tool and its code from the packages 
and upstream repository.
And since opensipsctl is tightly coupled to opensipsdbctl from a 
coding/internal perspective,
the natural move is to deprecate opensipsdbctl as well, while making 
sure that opensips-cli is
on par with the currently most used features with regards to OpenSIPS DB 

Below is a run-through of opensips-cli's feature parity with regards to 
the existing tool set:

start / stop / restart: DROPPED, as it is cumbersome to perform 
start/stop on a remote instance
    However, in order to support developers who build/start/stop from 
the git tree,
    we will equivalate these commands with some new 
    bash scripts which will achieve the same purpose


DB provisioning (cr / rpid / subscriber / address / drouting / 
dispatcher / registrant)
    TODO-MID-TERM.  These will not be available initially, but we intend 
to gradually add support
    for them.  For a few weeks following the initial 3.0 release, users 
will solely rely
    on the Control Panel to accommodate their provisioning needs.

ping: TODO-MID-TERM.  SIP OPTIONS ping automation via MI t_uac_dlg: A 
cool feature, but not by far mandatory.

online: DROPPED.  Effectively an "ul_dump" grepping one-liner.

monitor: DROPPED.  Completely unmaintained, with outdated (and not so 
useful) output.

create/drop: FULLY-PORTED

migrate: TODO-ASAP.  The DB migration tool is essential -- we are 
working to port it.

pframework: TODO-MID-TERM.  We plan to keep it, and we will port it to 
Python in the upcoming weeks.

reinit / backup / restore / copy: TODO-LONG-TERM. Nice-to-haves which 
will be in there eventually,
    however they will have to wait a bit for now.

presence / extra: DROPPED.  There is no such separation anymore.  
opensips-cli currently installs a
    default set of tables, and users may choose to add each individual 
(extra) table to the DB using the
    "database add" command.

And that's it for this update -- please let us know if we missed any 
tool or code pertaining
to the opensipsctl / opensipsdbctl end-of-life plan and thank you in 
advance for any feedback!
These tools have definitely served us well for over a decade, but it's 
time to move on to better ones![2]

Best regards,
OpenSIPS Team

[2]: https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips-cli#install

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