[OpenSIPS-Users] Remove Route Header before forwarding

Sunil More Sunil.More at novanet.net
Thu Mar 28 22:37:21 EDT 2019

Hi All,
I am trying to route an inbound call to a registered subscriber with a
failover to PSTN. The subscriber is registers to my Opensips box via
another Opensips box. I am using path function to add path to the
subscribers registration. When I lookup , a Route header is added to the
INVITE message. However if the subscriber had lost network during this
lookup the call fails with 408 as progress timeout. At this point when i
try to failover the call to PSTN network , the Route header causes issues
with other sip providers and the call fails. I want to remove Route Header
before forwarding the call.

Could anyone suggest me a method. I have already tried remove_hf , it did
not work.

Thanking You,
Sunil More
Ph : 9503338275
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