[OpenSIPS-Users] strange TCP handling in opensips 2.4

Vitalii Aleksandrov vitalik.voip at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 08:21:25 EDT 2019

"tcp_send_timeout" configures the time TCP worker process can stay 
blocked in "write()" syscall. In your case opensips successfuly wrote 
data into socket and OS accepted it and put into tcp socket's outgoing 
queue. Since OPTIONS wasn't delivered (no TCP level ACK from A), kernel 
doesn't try to send BYE and continues retransmits. You should see you 
OPTIONS and BYE in "Send-Q" field of the netstat output.

You can also play with tcp_keepalive, tcp_keepcount, tcp_keepidle, 
tcp_keepinterval options to close stale TCP connections faster.

> Hi all.
> Today i encountered some strange behavior in TCP handling. Case:
> A - caller, proto=tcp, behind NAT
> B - callee, proto=udp, not behind NAT
> Nathelper is active, so A is pinged by OPTIONS from opensips.
> A registering and then calling to B, B answers, A sends ACK for 200 
> and in some moment after that - disappears from network (for example - 
> unplug network cable).
> After that B send BYE request.
> Parameters of proto_tcp:
> modparam("proto_tcp", "tcp_port", 5060)
> modparam("proto_tcp", "tcp_send_timeout", 5000)
> modparam("proto_tcp", "tcp_async", 1)
> modparam("proto_tcp", "tcp_crlf_pingpong", 0)
> Expected behavior:
> 1. if TCP session is still active: opensips will try to send BYE to A 
> via TCP and close TCP-connection after 5000ms (tcp_send_timeout 
> interval), send 477 Send Failed to himself and 408 to B, as result of 
> BYE transaction.
> 2. if TCP session is no active (after some TCP-FIN): opensips will try 
> to re-establish TCP session, and if it will be not successfull - send 
> 477 Send Failed to himself and 408 to B, as result of BYE transaction.
> Real behavior:
> TCP session is active (there was no TCP-FIN), next OPTIONS-ping from 
> opensips is not answered by A (because he disappeared from network) on 
> TCP-level (no TCP-ACK for request with options), opensips starts to 
> send TCP-retransminnions of last OPTIONS request (and continue to send 
> this retransmissions in a next few minutes), not trying to send BYE 
> request at all, not trying to close TCP session. After fr_timeout 
> number of  seconds opensips sends 408 to B as result of BYE 
> transaction and not sends 477 to himself.
> There is screenshot of my example:
> https://imgur.com/HNxwxPo
> So - it looks like opensips totally ignore tcp_send_timeout value and 
> it leads to some misbehavior in handling TCP requests. Am i right or i 
> missed something?

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