[OpenSIPS-Users] async and event handlers

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Wed Mar 20 12:08:31 EDT 2019


Thanks. I hadn't spotted that little detail in the Event Handler

My event handler first retrieves some data about the relevant AOR from the
DB, then updates it, then writes it back.
Interestingly, when I add "async" as a 2nd parameter in the event handler
definition, this breaks the initial DB lookup.
The error message reported is:
ERROR: core: cachedb_fetch: failed to get connection for grp name [userdb] :
check db_url

It would appear that the cachedb information from the modparam section of my
script is not available to an asynchronous event handler, but is to a
synchronous one.

John Quick
Smartvox Limited

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