[OpenSIPS-Users] Calculate the nearest destination based on GeoIP

Slava Bendersky volga629 at networklab.ca
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might be anycast will do better job 

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Hi there, 
Maybe you know the best way to calculate the nearest routing point based on geoip data? 
an example: 
I have 3 rtpengine relays on a different country, and I can set its geo-coordinate in DB and set id for each of them via rtpengine_use_set() function in the routing script. 
Also, I have goip lookup via mmg_lookup() function that can give me a coordinate a caller by IP address. 
A caller comes from the country that _doesn't have_ rtpengine relay and I need to calculate the nearest rtpengine id for set it as prefer based on its IP address 
Any advice is appreciated. 

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