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Mark Farmer farmorg at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 13:13:28 EDT 2019

Actually I don't think I need to worry about this, the DTMF in question
always arrives from an Asterisk box which supports SIP INFO via

Thanks for reading!

On Mon, 18 Mar 2019 at 16:18, Mark Farmer <farmorg at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Bogdan. I was beginning to fear as much but I do need a solution
> for this. I will try to explain the problem in more detail.
> Our 3rd party is a secure payment gateway and only receives audio
> following a SIP RE-INVITE. This is to re-route the audio so that DTMF tones
> can be removed. At this point the DTMF is required to be transmitted to the
> 3rd party as SIP INFO messages. Once the payment process is complete, there
> is another SIP RE-INVITE to switch the audio back to it's original path.
> What I have is OpenSIPS & RTPProxy combination but this is a PoC platform
> so I can change things. Is there a method to have an RTP proxy instruct
> OpenSIPS to generate SIP INFO messages and send them to the 3rd party? It
> doesn't matter if we end up with both RFC2833 and SIP INFO - the 3rd party
> will just act on the INFO messages.
> Mark.
> On Mon, 18 Mar 2019 at 15:37, Bogdan-Andrei Iancu <bogdan at opensips.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi Mark,
>> You cannot do this with OpenSIPS, mainly as OpenSIPS has no access to RTP
>> in order to "see" the RFC2833 DTMFs.
>> Regards,
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>> On 03/18/2019 04:24 PM, Mark Farmer wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I have an OpenSIPS server with trunks to a provider and to a 3rd party
>> and routing calls between the two. The provider sends DTMF as RFC2833 but
>> the 3rd party requires SIP INFO. Somehow I need to translate from RFC2833
>> to SIP INFO - is this possible?
>> Many thanks
>> Mark.
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