[OpenSIPS-Users] clusterer.so settings in 2.4.x

Alexey Kazantsev kurgan-rus at inbox.ru
Fri Mar 15 06:32:29 EDT 2019

Hi Vlad, thank you for the reply.

So I have to configure it in this way:

   # main node, which is active if everything's OK
   modparam("clusterer", "current_info","cluster_id=1,url=bin:,flags=seed")
   modparam("clusterer", "neighbor_info","cluster_id=1,node_id=2,url=bin:")

   # backup node, which is standby and will work in case of node1 failure
   modparam("clusterer", "current_info","cluster_id=1,url=bin:")
   modparam("clusterer", "neighbor_info","cluster_id=1,node_id=1,url=bin:")

Is it correct?
So, node with BIN IP will be a seed, a source of ready cluster info/data.

BR, Alexey

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