[OpenSIPS-Users] RabbitMQ high availability

Ahmed Shabana a.shabana at cequens.com
Wed Mar 13 15:30:20 EDT 2019

Dears, some of our sip peers complaint that we sent in our SDP contains two 'c='

o=- 1552491282093 1 IN IP4
s=Our Local Private Media Server.
c=IN IP4 ****
t=0 0.
m=audio 36356 RTP/AVP 8 0 101.
c=IN IP4 **Public.Interface.RTPPRoxy.**
a=rtcp:36357 IN IP4 Public.Interface.RTPPRoxy.
a=rtpmap:0 pcmu/8000.
a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000.
a=rtpmap:8 pcma/8000.

I am using RTPProxy inside the script just like below
	rtpproxy_offer("nt60T60", "$avp(advertised_address)", "$avp(mediaSet)",)
	rtpproxy_answer("ocnt50T50", "{{ ips.opensips }}","$avp(mediaSet)" , ) ;

how could I hide private IPs in above SDP that reach our trunk side ?

Best regards ,

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