[OpenSIPS-Users] RTP proxy dialog impacted by async

Callum Guy callum.guy at x-on.co.uk
Fri Mar 8 09:30:09 EST 2019

Hi OpenSIPs Community,

I wanted to report an issue I discovered when attempting to use the
rtpproxy module, using the dialog backed rtpproxy_engage() function.
Finding that it was not engaging in certain scenarios I took a closer look
at the activity on the control port and discovered that OpenSIPS never sent
a request to open the session in this scenario.

To help illustrate, here is an example control port sequence of a properly
engaged call:

65098_11 *UR*,8,0,3,101,13 *the-call-id* 10248
65118_19 *LR*,101 *the-call-id* 10248 *from-tag*;1

In my scenario the *UR* (create session) request was never received.
Without claiming any expertise on the rtpproxy protocol this was clearly
not correct and the *LC* (update session) request could not locate a
session to act on.

Following a fairly lengthy investigation I traced the issue back to my
usage of the async() function where i was issuing the rtpproxy_engage()
request before calling async for another purpose. The solution was simply
to move the rtpproxy_engage() call to after the async method.

I'm happy that the issue is resolved for my requirements however I thought
I would share the experience to the list in case others found themselves
having a similar issue.




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