[OpenSIPS-Users] reply_to_via and topmost Via addressing

John Quick john.quick at smartvox.co.uk
Tue Mar 5 05:47:37 EST 2019

Update to my earlier post: I found a change log for v1.5 or 1.6 that says
"reply_to_via" option has been withdrawn.
So the documentation needs to be corrected because it is still shown right
through to v2.4

I still have some questions about how much control we have over the routing
of replies:
Is it possible to change the destination where replies are sent or will they
always be routed to the source address of the corresponding SIP request,
even when the topmost Via has a different address in its URI?
The answer to that question may be in 2 parts because some responses are
generated internally - e.g. "100 Giving a try", some 200 OK's - while others
are received from a downstream server and can be caught in onreply_route.
[It is also possible to explicitly generate responses using t_reply() or
sl_send_reply(), but these offer no routing options].

Supplementary to this, is the addition of ";received=w.x.y.z" to the topmost
Via something that is always done when the source of a request doesn't match
the Via's URI? Does this happen inside t_relay()? Do we have any control of
this from within the script?


John Quick
Smartvox Limited

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