[OpenSIPS-Users] topology_hiding : ACK has extra via header.

johan de clercq johan at democon.be
Tue Jan 29 12:20:56 EST 2019


Using opensips 2.4.4, 


Scenario  Phone -> Opensips with topology-hiding -> Provider


When the INVITE comes in from the phone, the ip addr of the phone is in the
via header. 

When opensips forwards the request to the provider, the ip addr of opensips
is in the via header.  


When 200 OK comes in from the provider and forwarded / relayed to the phone
the via header is correct. 


When ACK comes in from the phone, opensips adds an extra via header so the
provider sees the ip address of the originating phone. 


Samy Go opened an issue on this a few years ago, but I couldn't find a




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