[OpenSIPS-Users] Cannot execute MI command on opensips-cp 8.2.4

Aqs Younas aqsyounas at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 15:36:58 EST 2019

Greetings list,

I am trying to execute mi commands from opensips-cp but looks like
opensips-cp is unable to find the json URL and sending me the below error.

*16:06:52*  |  *uptime*  |

Unknwon/Unsupported type[] for MI URL <>

By looking at the below snippet of mi.php file, I see

if ($_GET['action']=="change_box" && !empty($_POST['box_val'])) {
        $_SESSION['mi_current_box']=$current_box ;
} else if (!empty($_SESSION['mi_current_box'])) {
} else {

Somehow variable current_box is being populated as empty.

My boxes.global.inc.php is configured like below.

//  MI connector (via JSON backend):   json:host:port/json

And i am able to use mi commands from the terminal.

root at opensips:~# curl
{"Now": "Fri Jan 25 16:32:45 2019", "Up since": "Fri Jan 25 16:21:57 2019",
"Up time": "648 [sec]"}root at opensips:~#

I am at lost where else i need to define my server json URL.

Any help is much appreciated.

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